Pastor Marva J. Edwards,   Author  |  Speaker  |  Coach

“A Voice Against Domestic violence Mrs. Marva J. Edwards

covered_woundsMarva J. Edwards knew all about challenges from a very young age, and what it took to overcome them. What she didn’t realize though, is that life would push her to a point where the surroundings no longer resembled that which she knew. Where reason did not reside, peace did not exist, and help was not recognized.  The one person that was supposedly committed to her until death do they part, was trying to kill her. Marva couldn’t go to her pastor for help because he was, in fact, the man she married!  She was not a weak person at all, but the fear for herself and her children zapped her strength.  She knew that even though the physical pain was more than she could ever imagine enduring; she had to gather what was left long enough to save herself and her children.  It was then that Marva knew that though she felt trapped, her spiritual faith would carry her, and she was Bound To Be Free again.