MOM – Ministries, Marva J. Edwards

MARVA’S OUTREACH MISSION-MINISTRIES (MOM-Ministries) is a ministry set forth to encourage, to empower and to help equip the whole man for christian and healthy living. We believe in the importance of family as a foundation of every aspect of our society. We are also a ministry prepared to cry loud against any form of maltreatment and abuse.

I knew many years ago after being free from domestic violence that I would write about my experience.  I believe that our experiences both good and bad are the best tools we have to share with others what we have overcome, and how they can overcome. Experience has been a great teacher for me. As a result I believe in the power of prayer and shared hope and faith for healing and deliverance for others who may be bound in someway.

I think it is vitally important that while we are in the midst of struggles, we consider where we’re going rather than focusing on where we are.  While confronted with domestic violence I knew that God had a greater plan for my life, although I couldn’t understand it at that time.  Even now as my life continues to unfold, I’ve come to understand better what God has purposed for my life in helping other people, yet being mindful that it’s still unfolding!

I am available to speak at your school, civic organization, woman’s group or church about issues affecting the family, especially domestic violence, and I’m excited about my book Bound To Be Free. So please visit the Contact Us page and send me a message on how I can serve you or your organization. It gives me a freedom for myself and the opportunity to be a voice for so many who may not have a voice of their own or may need encouragement to reclaim or find their God given voice!